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Gymnastics Market Profile

Gymnastics Market Profile Introduction One of the oldest participatory sports activities in the world is Gymnastics. The sport’s activities require physical strength, agility, flexibility, coordination balance and grace which enable performers to perform extraordinary moves. There are many gymnast sports but artistic arts are the best known of them all.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Gymnastics Market Profile specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Men and women gymnastic activities both involve vault and floor exercises. The rest of the activities are specialized including balance beams and uneven parallels for females and pommel horse and parallel bars for males. Besides artistic gymnastics, other sports under the wide gymnastics field include rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline. Like all sporting activities nowadays, gymnastics is a big business sports that involves many industries that are interconnected together. These sectors together develop gymnastic programs for sporting entertainment. In this paper, the market profile of gymnastics will be examines through an overview of the sport, current consumers, the demand for the sporting activity and the future prospects of the sport. Overview Gymnastics can trace its origins to the ancient Greek. The ancient Greeks performed a number of gymnastic exercises for fun and recreation. Individuals especially children and young adults were encouraged to perform athletic feats according to their own notion. The authorities then incorporated these feats into the curriculum of the Greek education system and gymnastics was performed besides art and music. After the ascension of the Roman Empire, gymnastics was used for military training and soldiers were required to perform the gymnastic feats in preparation for hand-to-hand combat (Colin and Shelia p 1). Gymnastics governing body Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG) was founded in the year 1881 and facilitated gymnastic competitions in the first Olympic Games in the 1896. Different types of exercises including some from the circus evolved with time and developed to form the current gymnastic moves that characterize the industry (Colin and Shelia p 1). Gymnastics nowadays is a major sporting activity wit thousands of participants from different countries. The most dominant countries include Japan, Russia, China, the US Romania, Germany, Hungary, and Italy.Advertising Looking for report on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The sport has over time continued to grow since its inception. For along time Japan produced the world’s best gymnast only to be overtaken by Russia and China ad the US. Participation of the sports is almost presented in all major competitions including the Olympic, All Africa games, European championships, Pan-American games, common wealth games, and Asian games. In the countries mentioned a bove the sport is well developed and in some cases like the US it has been integrated into the education curriculum In the US for instance there are over 5000 gymnastics clubs with an estimated membership that tops 100,000. Some of the equipments used in gymnastics include chalks, mats, braces, and apparatus. Others are balance beams, pommel horse and vaulting table. Gymnastics is performed by both men and women especially of all ages (Verrow. et al 40). Consumers Considering gymnastics is part of sports entertainment, there are passive consumers who mainly make up the fan base of gymnastic enthusiasts. These groups of consumers are involved in gymnastic events for fun. They mainly consume in a business sense display gymnastics normally performed by groups of athletes numbering 6- 150. These athletes perform highly synchronized moves that are choreographed to easily followed routines (Verrow. et al 46). One of the world’s most famous gymnastic events performed by gymnasts for casual consumers if the World Gymnaestrada. Gymnastics also perform in circuses like the MonteCarlo circus for passive consumers. They mainly attend gymnastic events to enjoy gymnastic events as performed by professional gymnasts. The kind of activities these consumers enjoy are laced with acrobatic and balance moves. Besides the casual consumers of gymnastics describes above, there are core consumers of gymnastics that engage in gymnastics especially for sports. They include aerobic gymnast popular in sports. Aerobic gymnastics involves routine performances by individuals normally in pairs or trio. The performances emphasize flexibility, strength, and fitness. It is important to note that this form of gymnastic does not involve acrobatics and balance. Many sports teams in different categories such as soccer, American football, and athletics employ these kinds of gymnastics in their trainings (Conrad 87). Demand Gymnastics is a young sport in terms of consumption and market penetra tion. Participation is concentrated in pockets inconsistently distributed in the world. Only a handful of countries mentioned earlier have fully developed gymnastic sports ventures. As its popularity grows especially with the entry of the Chinese into the competitive club of gymnastics, the demand for the sporting event is growing steadily.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Gymnastics Market Profile specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More One of the factors that have led to the unprecedented growth of gymnastics is the advancement in technology. The Chinese especially are on record as having finely fused the Japans and Russian styles of gymnastics to produce unique Chinese moves. They have been able to achieve this though technology (Conrad 87). Popularity of the sport in the US has led to growth in demand of the coaches. As result, the country has contracted the services of coaches from traditionally gymnastic powerhouses such as Russia, Japan, and Europe. Many colleges and universities due to growing demand have incorporated gymnastics into their curriculums in order to satisfy the demand. However, some experts point to a discouraging trend in the sport. There has been failure to develop new performed elements in the last decade. Jozsa says that the number of new elements developed between 1994 to 1999 is less than the new elements developed between 1987 and 1993. The experts blame the lack of development in bad judgment and lack of creativity in the sport (68). Future Prospects Considering the sport is not saturated like say soccer, there is potential fro growth in the next ten 5-10 years. According to Rosner, there is a new code in the judgment and evaluation of gymnastics that has discouraged innovation effectively hampering the development of new elements (38). He further says that the new code has discouraged creativity because coaches and gymnagists don’t see the values of developing ne w elements. If the trend continues, the sport is likely to be monotonous and risks losing its entertainment value. The future of gymnastics is bright and there is likely to be significant growth in the next 5-10 years but, only if the sports leaders adhere to the following; development of new performance elements, assessing the difficulty of the elements and emphasis on the originality of the elements performed. The last point included connections and routine construction. Additionally there needs to major investment in the sport considering the equipment used are capital intensive. The field of competition will also need to be expanded in the next decade for its participation and fan base to equal other major sports. That way gymnastics is assured of growth. Colin, Blakemore and Shelia, Jennett. Gymnastics. The Oxford Companion to the Body. 2001. 19 Jul. 2011 Looking for report on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conrad, Mark. The Business of Sports: A Primer for Journalists. Burlington: InfoBase Publishers, 2010. Jozsa, Frank. Big sports, big business: a century of league expansions, mergers. London: Routledge, 2006. Print. Rosner, Scott and Shropshire, Kenneth. The business of sports. New York: Routledge, 2004. Verrow, Row. et al.Sports business: law, practice and precedents. New York: Sage Publishers, 2005. Print.

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Marketing 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marketing 3 - Essay Example , the product characteristics such as country of ownership and manufacturer of the parts, country of assembly and design, and the impact of brand name will be analyzed and discussed. Hyundai has a reputation of having cheap and unreliable back in 1998. (Bingham, 2001) As part of the Hyundai’s success in U.S. market ten years after, the company has started to remove its image of offering cheap cars. For this reason, the company has recently changed its company slogan from â€Å"Value for the Money† to â€Å"Think about it.† (Kwok, 2007) Among Hyundai’s product line includes: Tucson, Veracruz, and Santa Fe – a small SUV; and 4-door cars like Accent, Azera, Elantra, Genesis, Sonata, and Tiburon; including the large-size SUV called Mohaves. (Hyundai, 2008d; Jin, 2008) Aiming to penetrate the market of luxury cars, Hyundai recently introduced a new sedan called the Genesis – a rear-wheel drive with V8 engine. (Buss, 2008) vehicles by strengthening its partnership with its dealers and investing millions of dollars in the improvements of its developmental facilities. Aiming to increase its target consumers’ confidence on Hyundai cars, the company offered a 5-year / 60,000 mile warranty and a 10-year / 100,000 mile limited powertrain warranty. (Bingham, 2008b) Aside from using the traditional promotion approach like the American car showrooms and other promotional activities such as sponsoring the several sports activities worldwide (Jin, 2008) and ‘Drivers Wanted’ ad campaign (BusinessWeek, 2007), Hyundai has invested on electronic promotion by signing a contract with CCG.XM back in 2000 (Busines Wire, 2000). Hyundai professionally manufacture its own original equipment parts which are designed for safety and resale value. (Hyundai, 2008c) For this reason, the company could easily provide a manufacturer warranty to ensure the quality and customers’ satisfaction over Hyundai cars. Hyundai automobiles in America are assembled in U.S. assembly plants

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MPAA Censorship Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

MPAA Censorship - Research Paper Example MPAA is alternate to federal regulation of motion picture content by United States government. This is because America lagged behind other countries in implementing motion picture rating. After the desertion of Production Codes in the 1950s, (Acland, 2009) movies became explicit all in the name of expressing realism. The realism movement had its significant contribution to the film industry and disadvantages. Realism movement boasts of production of great and timeless movies like Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock. However, it also gave arise to low-budget films that became extremely graphic in their sexual and violence content. The brutal and vicious content of movies such as Straw Dogs directed by Sam Peckinpah startled and troubled most conservative Americans. Moreover, a sequence of movies released later buried the realism movement to its grave by their obscene content. Due to this, a form of regulation had to be established, resulting to the birth of Motion Picture Association of America. In addition, National Association of Theater Owners consented to implement uniform rating system to all the movies shown. The distributors and exhibitors would enforce the system (Sklar, 2009). . The MPAA rates movies according to their content. It assists consumers especially parents to select appropriate movies for their children in different age groups. MPAA works in association with major movie production studios in America like, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studio and many others. The core functions of this rating system body includes, control and of distribution of movies, fighting unlawful copying of films and managing film ratings (Balio, 2000). Submission of movies for rating should be voluntary. Despite this, some producers prefer not to submit their films for rating to avoid incurring losses. To reinforce the submission on movies MPAA has a de facto obligatory position in the film industry. Since independent films do not focus on entertainmen t but rather on the artistic and aesthetic values of a film, they do not submit their films to the rating system. Independent filmmakers argue that their films require no distribution since they already have an existing consumer base. Hence, submission of their films to the rating system incurs unnecessary expenditure. When it comes to the rating process, MPAA does not have publication of a standard requirement of words, actions, or exposed body parts that filmmakers should incorporate in their films to get PG-13 rating (Balio, 2000). If a film contains use of drugs and callous sexually derived words, it gets a PG-13 rating. However, if the film uses such words a couple of times it gets an R rating. After rating, a film, the members submit their verdict to the producer of the film. The producer has the will to re-edit the film or appeal to the Appeals Board of the rating system if the results are not satisfactory. To avoid wrangles during the rating process movie publishers state th e desired MPAA rating with the movie producer. Some of the main rating categories MPAA uses to rate movie include- G— a film to that gets a G-rating should have mild humor. It should not have any form of crude language. There should be no nudity or sex scenes. Drug use and violence should not be present in the motion picture. PG—

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On Arabian Culture Essay Example for Free

On Arabian Culture Essay The literature on social diversity and cleavages in Arab society and the Middle East as a whole suffers from several fallacies, two of which are most pertinent here. One is the tendency, particularly among Orientalists, to speak both of the mosaic nature of Arab society and of the existence of a unified mentality, or one Arab mind, without any awareness of the contradiction between these two abstractions. The other is the emphasis either on communal cleavages or on class conflicts, with the result that one becomes explanatory while the other is ignored. The interplay and coincidence of these two cleavages are rarely examined in their historical and social contexts. How can an individual define the diversity of Arab society? The diversity that characterizes Arab society needs to be analyzed within a three-dimensional framework: (a) a homogeneity-heterogeneity continuum; (b) the processes of conflict-accommodation-assimilation; and (c) social class cleavages. The continuum that covers the range from a completely homogeneous society to one of great heterogeneity encompasses a complex system of vertical loyalties and communal differentiations (ethnic, linguistic, sectarian, tribal, local, regional, and the like) that coincides as well as conflicts with social class cleavages. Arab society has historically been highly heterogeneous. Certainly, one may argue that there has recently been a resurgence of communal loyalties and mobilization, confirming the mosaic and segmentary structures of society. What cannot be granted is the static conception of these loyalties and cleavage as permanent, unchanging forms of differentiation. What is Arab society in general? The characterization of Arab society as heterogeneous, however, needs to be accompanied by an explicit clarification that not all Arab countries are similar in this respect. In fact, they differ widely in regard to their positions on the homogeneity-heterogeneity continuum. Compared to other Arab countries, Egypt and Tunisia, for instance, may be described as rather homogeneous as far as communal cleavages are concerned. These two countries tend to have fewer ethnic, religious, and tribal differences (and, hence, conflicts) than other Arab societies, and are characterized more by social complexity and social class cleavages. A second group of Arab countries, such as Lebanon and Sudan, occupy a position close to the opposite end of the continuum, each being more of a mosaic in structure and social composition. A third set, such as Syria, Algeria, Arabia, and Morocco, tend to occupy positions more in the middle of the continuum. Conventional Western literature on Arab and other Middle Eastern societies has persistently avoided any serious discussion of social class structure. Instead, it has conceived of Arab societies simply as a mosaic. At the margin of this mainstream discourse, however, there has been some occasional speculation on problems of social stratification. Whenever a discussion of this nature has taken place, it has evolved into a heated exchange. One point of view reaffirms the conclusions of the mosaic model and questions the relevance of class analysis. For instance, C. A. O. van Niewenhuijze and James Bill, in separate works, dismiss class analysis in economic terms and instead use Weberian concepts of status and power. Similarly, Iliya Harik has more recently dismissed the thesis put forward by some writers that the Lebanese civil war is actually a class struggle and expressed his â€Å"belief that class distinctions in Lebanon are too obscure to sustain the class struggle argument†. Bryan S. Turner, by contrast, has pointed out that anyone â€Å"who wants to develop a Marxist analysis of North Africa and the Middle East must start with a critique of the mosaic theory and all its related assumptions†. Such a critique, he explains, is required because mosaic analysts believe â€Å"that traditional Middle Eastern societies were not class dominated and that in the modern Middle East social class is only in the process of emerging alongside other forms of social stratification†. Nicholas S. Hopkins has applied ideas of class derived from the Marxist tradition to changes in the social structure of an agricultural town in Tunisia, concluding that essential changes in the mechanization of agriculture and in the improvement of communications â€Å"led to a shift in the organization of work away from a pattern based on mobilization of labor within the household or the extended kindred . . . and toward a pattern of labor determined by wage labor†. Consequently, this Tunisian agricultural town has shifted from a society in which rank was based â€Å"on vertical rather than on horizontal links† to one â€Å"based on class†. Hopkins argues further that not only is there class in the objective sense, â€Å"there is also class consciousness, at least in embryonic, symbolic form†. My own view is that the persistence of communal cleavages complicates rather than nullifies social class consciousness and struggle. This persistence of communal cleavages and vertical loyalties in some Arab countries is owing to the perpetuation of traditional systems in which communities are linked to their local zaims (traditional leaders) through patron-client relationships. To the extent that constructive change can be introduced in these areas, such traditional systems will give way, increasingly, to other social and class relationships. Reference: Gutas, D. (1998). Greek Thought, Arab Culture : The Graeco-Arabic Translation Movement in Baghdad and Early Abbasid Society (2nd-4th 8th-10th C. ): Routledge. Rejwan, N. (1998). Arabs Face the Modern World: Religious, Cultural, and Political Responses to the West: Gainesville University Press of Florida. Szarmach, P. E. (1979). Aspects of Jewish Culture in the Middle Ages: Albany State University of New York Press

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The Orphan Characters of in Conrads Heart of Darkness Essay -- Heart o

The Orphan Characters of Heart of Darkness  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚      All Conrad's major characters are, in a fundamental sense, orphans. To men like Marlow, his parents offer him no predestined place in an ordered world, or, if such a place exists, they do not feel it is a real alternative for them. The knowledge of a hostile, annihilating force at the center of existence brings to Conrad's characters a constant sense of their personal vulnerability. Before this revelation, they were orphans in search of a ground for their lives, but they never doubted their ability to discover such a ground. For most of Conrad's characters, the experience of vulnerability marks the real beginning of their voyage. Conrad's novels are attempts to come to terms with this experience, to work out ways of living with or overcoming this knowledge, for only if some such way can be found can man ever attain a stable identity. Perhaps mind can confront the darkness directly and master it. Although this darkness is in its essence something alien to mind, if mind can asset its control over this force, if it can give it rational form and substance and thus fix the image of the "ombre sinistre et fuyante" the darkness will be robbed of its destructive potential. By assimilating its sources in this way, it might still be possible for man to achieve self, sufficiency. While he will not have found a father, found some source, which naturally confers its reality upon him, man will have made one. For most of Conrad's characters, the initial thrust of their attempt to assert sovereignty over the ground of their existence is directed toward its immediate source in the irrational. Ultimately, however, man's efforts to control the darkness must lead him beyond t...; it is among the things they order better in France. Mr.Graham Greene, who has learned both from France and Conrad, has grasped this fact, and never proposes to make our flesh creep as Conrad and James in these stories do. Kurtz may be described as the logical consequence for any man of admitting a breach in those defenses that the guarding of personal integrity constantly requires. The line of human heads with which his station had been embellished only showed, Marlow reflects, "that there was something wanting in him- some small matter which, when the pressing need arose, could not be bound". Or- as it is expressed elsewhere - "his nerves went wrong". There are several other tales of this period- notably Falk and The End of the Tether-, which turn upon this theme. And it makes, if with a somewhat less lurid coloring, the basis of Lord Jim (1900). (22)   

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Love Is Never Silent Movie Summary

In the 1985 movie â€Å"Love is Never Silent† it is set during the great depression and follows the Ryder family, Abel and Janice two deaf parents of two hearing children Margaret and Bradley. Abel works for a newspaper company on the printing press, Janice is a seamstress. The parents rely on the oldest child Margaret as their link to the hearing world by being their voice. In the beginning tragedy hits the family as the Ryder’s youngest child Bradley falls from their second story apartment and dies. Now that Margaret is the only hearing child she feels obligated to always be available for her parents when they need her.When she goes with her parents to a Mortuary she has to help them purchase a wood box instead of a coffin for her brother because that’s all they can afford. Anytime Margaret’s parents come into conflict with the hearing world they have Margaret taken out of school or later work to interpret for them. The only friend Margaret has and the o nly person to know that her parents are deaf and elderly store owner named Mr. Patrakis, who usually gives whatever her family needs for free. In the middle Margaret graduates from high school and this is where her classmates, their parents and staff find out that her parents are deaf.Mr. Patrakis gives Margaret radio as a graduation gift, she is so excited that she brings it home, plugs it in and her dad seems to be interested and Margaret and her dad start to dance until her mom unplugs it to cook signing that the radio doesn’t belong. Margaret gets a job as a secretary and is still the only link between the deaf and hearing world for her parents. She has so social life and when a handsome man named William shows interest in her she makes excuses not to go out with him. William is persistent though and Margaret eventually gives in and they go on their first date.Margaret keeps the fact of her parents being deaf from William until he purposes to her and William tells her tha t he doesn’t care that her parents are deaf and that he’d love to meet them. In the end Margaret and William elope and this upsets her parents because they don’t want to lose her not only because she’s their only child but also because she’s their link to the hearing world. William joins the military and while he’s gone Margaret invites William’s mother Mrs. Anglin and brother Marshall to her parents’ house for dinner, which doesn’t go well because Mr. and Mrs.Ryder refuse to sign in an even more awkward silence. William comes back injured but not crippled and they live with her parents until he’s accepted into college. Margaret’s parents are sad to see her go but as soon as they can they go see her and it was unannounced. Margaret’s parents are very upset to see the place where she’s living and go to sign how upset they are that William hasn’t provided better for their daughter. Her pa rents never visit her again. The next time Margaret sees her parents is when she’s very pregnant to let them know that they’ll be grandparents.Lastly William and Margaret move into better housing where they will raise their child till William graduates from college. Margaret and William invite everyone to their baby shower after the birth of their son and her parents show up after everyone has gone. Margaret is upstairs with her son and William answers the door and her parents surprise her. When they see each other all the turmoil between them is gone and they enjoy each other’s company. The movie ends with Janice’s retirement party where Abel, Margaret, William and their son go and Janice’s signs a speech that Margaret interprets.

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Privacy Is An American Invasion Of Privacy - 3114 Words

Privacy is an especially equivocal idea, in particularly because invasion of privacy is a concept that is arguably questionable. Privacy has been defined as the right to be left alone without unwarranted intrusion by government, media, or other institutions or individuals. While this definition serves as a quick start to the right of privacy, there are still several interpretations as to what may or may not constitute as an invasion of privacy. What one person may believe to be an innocent curiosity, another may feel as though it is an deliberate invasion of privacy. Often these disputes make their way into courtrooms and are subjected to controversy and evaluation. This essay will focus on appropriation of name or likeness for commercial purposes. First, it will define the right of privacy, and right of publicity. Next, the evaluation and discussion of four cases in which appropriation of name or likeness for commercial gain was assessed in courtrooms. Then after, thoughts on current developments in this area of law will be discussed, as well as suggestions for current working journalists. Finally, closing and concluding statements will be addressed. Background In the mid twentieth century, the tort of appropriation experienced a shift. Courts reoriented the tort so that it no longer exclusively protected a person’s interest in dignity or â€Å"privacy,† but rather the pecuniary interest in the commercial exploitation of one’s identity, or one’s â€Å"right ofShow MoreRelatedPrivacy Is An American Invasion Of Privacy3113 Words   |  13 PagesIntroduction Privacy is an especially equivocal idea, in particularly because invasion of privacy is a concept that is arguably questionable. Privacy has been defined as the right to be left alone without unwarranted intrusion by government, media, or other institutions or individuals. While this definition serves as a quick start to the right of privacy, there are still several interpretations as to what may or may not constitute as an invasion of privacy. What one person may believe to be anRead MoreSocial Media s Eroding Our Privacy Essay1312 Words   |  6 PagesSurveillances Eroding our Privacy The emerge of our privacy invasion has mount with government surveillance by the U.S national security system (Baumer, Roth, Epstein, 2014). Government surveillance and social website such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube are source of privacy invasion (Cole, 2015). Connecting to social website to communication with friends, family, and co-worker; sharing, updating news, and information which overcast privacy according to Cole, 2015. Many Americans became occupiedRead MoreNSAs invasion of privacy1408 Words   |  6 Pages NSA’s Invasion of Privacy Whether it is calling someone on your phone or online shopping on the computer, people are more connected than ever to the internet. However, a person might be oblivious to the fact that they are being watched using these technologies. The NSA (National Security Agency) is an intelligence organization for the U.S. to protect information systems and foreign intelligence information. Recently the NSA has been accused of invading personal privacy through web encryptionRead MoreEssay on Invasion of Privacy975 Words   |  4 PagesInvasion of Privacy and Libel Case Study Invasion of Privacy and Libel Case Study Invasion of privacy is something that is a major concern among Americans. In this paper I will discuss Steve, who has recently joined a church. The church doctrine is such that members are to reveal indiscretions from their past. Steve has told them of some of his indiscretions but Steve is not happy about this and decides he would rather leave the church. The church leaders have told Steve even if he leavesRead More Technology and the Invasion of Privacy Essay706 Words   |  3 PagesTechnology and the Invasion of Privacy As citizens of America we are all entitled to our rights of privacy. When something threatens this guaranteed privacy we tend to take extra precautions to prohibit prolonged violation. As the advancing world of technology continues to grow and expand, so do the amount of cases involving privacy invasion. Technology drives these privacy-invading crimes; however, crime also drives technology, creating a vicious cycle. Without technology an invader couldRead MoreThe Liberties Of The United States1650 Words   |  7 PagesWithin the Constitution of the United States of America, the word â€Å"privacy† appears exactly zero times. Not once does the legal document that outlines the social order of the United Sates, define, or explicitly state a â€Å"right to privacy† for its citizens. Even with this fact prevailing over society, American citizens still esteem privacy in the highest regard. According to a survey conducted by the PEW Research Center, a nonpartisan fact tan k that informs the public about the issues, attitudes andRead MoreTechnology Invading Your Privacy : An Invasion Of Personal Privacy1030 Words   |  5 PagesTechnology Invading Your Privacy As the world becomes more connected to each other, personnel privacy rights are being stifled due to the need for free flowing information. Closed Caption Television Systems (CCTV) is an invasion of personal privacy. The criteria that are used to measure invasion of privacy are constitutional rights, probable cause collection rights, consent of tracking rights, and storage or destruction of all materials collected from the CCTV system. Probable cause is the legalRead MoreEssay Bumper Stickers: Are They an Invasion of Privacy?511 Words   |  3 PagesBumper Stickers: Are They an Invasion of Privacy? Driving down the street, in the bathroom, on telephone polls, on walls of buildings, and even on trees, bumper stickers and other forms of verbal decorations clutter our view. Some make us laugh, some provoke anger, and some pull the tiny chords on our pity strings, but all express an opinion. Should we allow people to plaster everything in view with their opinions? Those who cry out with an emphatic NO believe that these types of verbal decorationsRead MoreEssay on We Must Strive to Protect Privacy in Technology580 Words   |  3 PagesWe Must Strive to Protect Privacy in Technology Technology is getting more and more complex as the years come and go. The availability of personal information is easier to access and the risk of it being tampered with is also high. As the years pass, the threat of privacy invasion gets greater and greater and easier to happen. There are several ways that privacy is able to be invaded and there will only be more to come. Americans have had their personal information given away without evenRead MoreOutrage over the NSAs Data Collection is Hypocritical in the Publics Acceptance of Data Mining by Other Companies1701 Words   |  7 Pagescomment at this time and it faded from memory. Recent events by the NSA have created public outrage about this invasion of privacy and expressed incredulity at how this could happen or even that it was possible. Although it had been reported previously, the American public seemed to accept it and moved on. Wireless technology has been around for decades. There is a part of the American population which is older and remember the two party phone lines where you could eavesdrop on others conversations